YouTube Shorts reaches 1.5 billion monthly active users

YouTube Shorts has reached a major milestone, with over 1.5 billion monthly active users. This is a significant achievement for the platform, which was only launched in 2020. To put this into perspective, TikTok has around 1 billion monthly active users, so YouTube Shorts is quickly catching up.

There are a few reasons why YouTube Shorts has been so successful. First, it’s a great way for creators to share short, snackable videos with their audience. Second, the platform is very easy to use, making it accessible to people of all ages. Third, YouTube Shorts is integrated with the main YouTube app, so users can easily find and watch Shorts without having to download a separate app.

I’m sure YouTube Shorts will continue to grow in popularity in the years to come. It’s a great platform for creators to reach a large audience, and it’s a lot of fun to watch. I’m excited to see what the future holds for YouTube Shorts!

Here are some other interesting facts about YouTube Shorts:

  • The most popular YouTube Shorts category is comedy, followed by music and dance.
  • The average YouTube Shorts video is 59 seconds long.
  • The most popular YouTube Shorts creator is Khaby Lame, who has over 140 million followers.
  • YouTube Shorts creators can earn money through the YouTube Shorts Fund, which is a $100 million fund that was created to support creators on the platform.

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