YouTube launches new parental controls

YouTube has launched new parental controls that give parents more control over what their children watch on the platform. The new controls include:

  • Watch lists: Parents can create watch lists of videos that they approve for their children to watch. This is a great way to make sure that your children are only watching content that you deem appropriate.
  • Time limits: Parents can set time limits for how long their children can watch YouTube each day. This is a great way to prevent your children from spending too much time on the platform.
  • Channel blocking: Parents can block specific channels from their children’s YouTube experience. This is a great way to prevent your children from watching channels that you don’t approve of.

In addition to these new controls, YouTube also offers a number of other parental controls, such as the ability to turn on Restricted Mode and require a passcode to change settings.

The new parental controls are available on YouTube Kids and YouTube. To learn more about how to set up parental controls, visit the YouTube Help Center.

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