What is YouTube Rewind?

YouTube Rewind was an annual video series that was produced and created by the American video platform YouTube and Portal A Interactive from 2010 to 2019. The videos were an overview and a recap of each year’s viral videos, events, trends, and music. The series’ annual installments were uploaded onto YouTube’s official channel.

The first Rewind was created by YouTube in 2010 and featured a list of the 50 most popular YouTube videos of that year. In 2010, YouTube began creating and producing Rewind videos with the help of Seedwell and Portal A Interactive. From 2011 onwards, the Rewind videos have only been uploaded to the YouTube Spotlight channel, now known as just YouTube, with additional behind-the-scenes content.

YouTube Rewind was discontinued after the 2019 edition, which was met with negative reception from viewers. The video was criticized for being out of touch with the platform’s users, and for featuring celebrities and influencers who were not popular with the YouTube community.

Despite the negative reception, YouTube Rewind remains a popular topic of discussion among YouTubers and fans of the platform. The videos have been viewed billions of times, and they have been praised for their humor, creativity, and ability to capture the zeitgeist of each year.

Here are some of the most popular YouTube Rewinds:

  • YouTube Rewind 2012: What Does It Mean to Be a Gamer? (135 million views)
  • YouTube Rewind 2014: What Does 2014 Look Like? (300 million views)
  • YouTube Rewind 2015: Celebrating 10 Years on YouTube (500 million views)
  • YouTube Rewind 2016: Dear YouTube (507 million views)
  • YouTube Rewind 2017: The Shape of the Year (508 million views)
  • YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind (498 million views)
  • YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record (169 million views)

YouTube Rewind was a popular and influential series that helped to define the YouTube community. The videos were a celebration of the platform’s users and their creativity, and they helped to bring people together around shared interests. While YouTube Rewind is no longer produced, it remains a beloved part of YouTube history.

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