What is Facebook doing to protect election integrity?

Facebook has taken a number of steps to protect election integrity, including:

  • Increasing transparency around political ads. Facebook requires all political advertisers to disclose their identity and location, and to provide more information about their ads, such as the target audience and the amount spent. This information is made public so that people can see who is trying to influence their vote and how much money is being spent on these ads.
  • Fighting voter interference and suppression. Facebook removes content that misrepresents who can vote, methods for voting, or when or where people can vote. This includes content that advises people not to vote, or that tries to discourage people from voting by making it difficult to register or to find their polling place.
  • Protecting the accounts of elected officials and candidates. Facebook has a program called Facebook Protect that helps to protect the accounts of elected officials, candidates, and their staff from hacking and other malicious activity. This program includes things like two-factor authentication and account review.
  • Working with fact-checkers to combat misinformation. Facebook works with fact-checkers to identify and flag false or misleading content about elections. This content is then removed from Facebook or labeled as false.
  • Investing in research and development. Facebook is investing in research and development to find new ways to protect election integrity. This includes things like developing new algorithms to detect and remove harmful content, and working with other companies to share information about election interference.

Facebook has also made a number of commitments to election integrity, including:

  • Providing free ad credits to eligible organizations working to protect election integrity.
  • Establishing a new Elections Operations Center to help coordinate our election integrity efforts.
  • Launching a new website with resources for people who want to learn more about election integrity.

Facebook is committed to protecting the integrity of elections, and these are just some of the steps that we are taking to do so.

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