What are the privacy settings for Threads?

Threads offers a variety of privacy settings that you can use to control who sees your content and information. Here are some of the most important privacy settings in Threads:

  • Profile privacy: You can choose to have a public or private profile. If you have a public profile, anyone can see your username, name, profile picture, and bio. If you have a private profile, only people you approve can see your content and information.
  • Story privacy: You can choose who can see your Stories. You can choose to make your Stories public, visible to your followers, or visible to a custom list of people.
  • Direct messages: You can choose who can send you direct messages. You can choose to allow messages from everyone, only your followers, or only specific people.
  • Contact sharing: You can choose whether or not to share your contact information with other Threads users.
  • App permissions: You can control which permissions Threads has access to. For example, you can choose whether or not Threads can access your location, camera, and microphone.

To change your privacy settings in Threads, open the app and go to your profile. Tap the three dots in the top right corner and select “Settings.” From there, you can change your profile privacy, story privacy, direct messages settings, contact sharing, and app permissions.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind about Threads privacy:

  • Threads is integrated with Instagram. This means that some of your information from Threads may be shared with Instagram, such as your username, name, profile picture, and bio. You can control how much information is shared with Instagram by adjusting your privacy settings in both Threads and Instagram.
  • Threads collects data about your activity. Threads collects data about your activity on the app, such as the people you interact with, the posts you see, and the content you share. This data may be used to improve the app and to show you personalized ads. You can learn more about how Threads collects and uses your data by reading the Threads privacy policy.

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