Twitter to shut down CoTweets feature immediately after less than a year of official launch

Twitter announced on January 31, 2023 that it would be shutting down CoTweets, a feature that allowed two users to co-author a tweet. The feature was launched in July 2022, but it was not widely used. In a statement, Twitter said that it was “sad to say that the current experiment is coming to an end.” The company said that it was “still looking for ways to implement this feature moving forward,” but it did not offer any specific details.

There are a few possible reasons why CoTweets was not widely used. One possibility is that the feature was not very clear. When a CoTweet was created, it appeared on both users’ profiles, but it was not always clear who was the primary author of the tweet. Another possibility is that the feature was not very useful. CoTweets were limited to 280 characters, which is the same as a regular tweet. This meant that there was not much additional benefit to using CoTweets over just retweeting a tweet.

Ultimately, Twitter’s decision to shut down CoTweets is a sign that the feature was not meeting the company’s expectations. It remains to be seen whether Twitter will find a way to implement a similar feature in the future that is more successful.

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