Twitter Circle is now available to everyone

Twitter Circle is a new feature that allows users to share tweets with a smaller group of followers, known as their “Circle.” This can be useful for sharing personal thoughts or updates with close friends and family, or for testing out new ideas before sharing them with a wider audience.

To use Twitter Circle, users simply select the “Circle” option when they’re composing a tweet. They can then choose up to 150 people to add to their Circle. Only people who are in the user’s Circle will be able to see the tweet, and it will not appear in their public timeline.

Twitter Circle is a great way to have more control over who sees your tweets. If you’re not sure whether you want to share something with your entire audience, you can use Twitter Circle to share it with a smaller group of people first. And if you want to keep your tweets completely private, you can always set your account to private.

Twitter Circle is a great addition to the platform. It gives users more control over their privacy and allows them to share more personal content with the people they trust the most. Excited to see how people use this feature in the future.

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