Tumblr has launched a new badge you can earn for viewing 601 or more posts on Tumblr in a day

The new badge is called “601 Limit Breaker” and it was launched on July 21, 2023. To earn the badge, you must view 601 or more posts on Tumblr in a single day. The badge will be displayed on your profile page the next day, after you have met the requirement.

Not sure how many people have earned the badge so far, but sure it’s a pretty exclusive club. If you’re a Tumblr power user, this is definitely a badge you should try to earn.

Here are some tips for earning the 601 Limit Breaker badge:

  • Follow a lot of blogs. The more blogs you follow, the more posts you’ll see in your feed.
  • Use the “Reblog Queue” feature. This allows you to reblog posts without having to see them all individually.
  • Use the “Discover” page. This page features a variety of posts from different blogs, so you’re sure to find something you like.
  • Be patient. It may take a few days to earn the badge, but if you’re persistent, you’ll eventually get there.

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