The Golden Sun subreddit is closing

The r/GoldenSun subreddit is closing down after 15 years of existence. The mods of the subreddit announced the closure on July 29, 2023, citing disagreements with the Reddit admins as the reason.

The mods of r/GoldenSun said that they were disappointed with the way the admins had handled a recent incident involving a user who was posting offensive content. The mods said that they had tried to work with the admins to resolve the issue, but the admins had been unresponsive.

The mods also said that they felt that the subreddit was no longer a safe space for the Golden Sun community. They said that the admins had not done enough to protect users from harassment and abuse.

The closure of r/GoldenSun is a blow to the Golden Sun community. The subreddit was a popular place for fans of the series to discuss the games, share fan art, and connect with other fans.

The mods of r/GoldenSun have said that they are working on creating a new forum for the Golden Sun community. They hope to have the new forum up and running soon.

In the meantime, fans of Golden Sun can still find discussion and community on the Golden Sun Discord server. The Discord server is a great place to chat with other fans, share fan art, and discuss the games.

The closure of r/GoldenSun is a sad day for the Golden Sun community. However, the mods of the subreddit are committed to creating a new forum for the community. The new forum will be a safe and welcoming space for all fans of Golden Sun.

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