Protecting activists and journalists

Facebook’s decision to count activists and journalists as involuntary public figures is a positive step towards protecting these individuals from harassment and abuse on the platform.

Involuntary public figures are people who have become famous or well-known due to their work or activism, rather than by seeking out fame or attention. This includes journalists, human rights defenders, and other individuals who speak out on important issues.

Facebook’s previous policy on public figures allowed for more critical commentary than its policy on private individuals. However, this meant that activists and journalists were often subjected to harassment and abuse, simply because they were speaking out about important issues.

The new policy will give activists and journalists the same protections as other public figures, such as politicians and celebrities. This means that Facebook will remove content that is threatening, abusive, or hateful, and it will also take steps to prevent this type of content from being posted in the first place.

This is a welcome change from Facebook, and it is a step in the right direction towards protecting activists and journalists from online harassment. It is important that these individuals are able to do their work without fear of being harassed or abused, and this new policy will help to ensure that they can do so.

Here are some of the benefits of Facebook’s new policy:

  • It will help to protect activists and journalists from harassment and abuse.
  • It will make Facebook a safer platform for these individuals to do their work.
  • It will help to promote freedom of expression and the free flow of information.

Hope that other social media platforms will follow Facebook’s lead and adopt similar policies to protect activists and journalists from online harassment.

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