Project X

ProjectX is an annual machine learning research competition hosted by the University of Toronto Artificial Intelligence Group (UofT AI). The competition is open to students from all universities around the world.

In ProjectX, teams of students work on original research projects in machine learning. The projects are focused on one of two themes: human-computer interaction (HCI) or human-human interaction (HHI).

The competition runs for five months, from September to January. During this time, teams work on their projects and submit regular updates to the competition organizers. At the end of the competition, a panel of academics and industry experts judges the final papers and selects the winning teams.

The winning teams are awarded prizes of up to $40,000. In addition, the winning teams have the opportunity to present their research at the UofT AI conference.

ProjectX is a great opportunity for students to learn about machine learning, conduct original research, and network with other students and researchers. If you are interested in machine learning, I encourage you to consider participating in ProjectX.

Here are some additional details about ProjectX:

  • The competition is open to students from all universities around the world.
  • Teams must consist of at least two students and no more than four students.
  • Teams must submit a research proposal by June 14th.
  • Teams must submit regular updates to the competition organizers throughout the competition.
  • The final papers are due by December 14th.
  • The winning teams will be announced at the UofT AI conference in January.

For more information, please visit the ProjectX website:

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