On desktop web, Tumblr is running an experimental new version of the site navigation

Tumblr is currently running an experimental new navigation layout on desktop web. The new layout is more compact and easier to use, and it also includes a new feature called “Quick Links” which shows you a list of your favorite Tumblr blogs and tags.

The new navigation is located at the top of the page, and it includes the following links:

  • Home: Your dashboard, where you can see your latest posts, notifications, and messages.
  • Explore: A feed of posts from blogs you follow, as well as popular and trending posts.
  • Search: Search for Tumblr blogs, posts, and tags.
  • Your Account: Your profile, settings, and activity.
  • Quick Links: A list of your favorite Tumblr blogs and tags.

The Quick Links feature is a great way to quickly access the blogs and tags that you visit most often. To add a blog or tag to your Quick Links, simply click the star icon next to it. You can also remove a blog or tag from your Quick Links by clicking the star icon again.

The new navigation layout is still in the experimental stage, so Tumblr is still collecting feedback from users. If you have any feedback about the new navigation, you can submit it to Tumblr here: https://changes.tumblr.com/

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