New YouTube app design revamp

YouTube is rolling out a new design revamp that includes a darker dark mode. This change is being made in response to user feedback, as many people have requested a darker dark mode that is easier to use in low-light conditions.

The new dark mode will use richer and deeper blacks, which will make the app look more immersive and stylish. It will also make the text and other elements of the app easier to read, even in dark environments.

In addition to the darker dark mode, the new YouTube app design revamp also includes a number of other changes, such as:

  • New buttons for frequently used actions, such as like, share, and download.
  • A new subscribe button that is easier to find and reach.
  • A new layout for the watch page that makes it easier to find videos you’re interested in.

The new YouTube app design revamp is currently rolling out to users gradually. If you haven’t received the update yet, you should get it soon.

The new darker dark mode is a great addition to the YouTube app. It will make the app more user-friendly for people who watch videos in low-light conditions. Looking forward to trying out the other new features in the design revamp.

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