Snapchat recently announced that it has enhanced the capabilities of its in-app AI chatbot, My AI. The new feature allows users to send a photo to My AI and have it identify objects and text in the photo. This can be useful for a variety of tasks, such as:

  • Identifying products in a photo so that you can learn more about them or find them online.
  • Translating text in a photo into another language.
  • Identifying landmarks in a photo so that you can learn more about them or find directions to them.
  • Recognizing faces in a photo so that you can identify people or find out more about them.

To use the new feature, simply open the My AI chat in Snapchat and tap on the camera icon. Then, take a photo or select a photo from your gallery. My AI will then identify the objects and text in the photo and display them in a list. You can then tap on any object or text to learn more about it.

The new feature is currently available in English only, but Snapchat plans to add support for other languages in the future.

Here are some additional details about the new feature:

  • My AI can identify over 200 different objects and text types.
  • My AI can translate text in over 100 languages.
  • My AI can recognize faces in photos.
  • The new feature is available in the latest version of Snapchat.

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