In protest of changes to the platform’s developer policies

In June 2023, Reddit announced that it would be making changes to its developer policies that would make it more difficult for third-party developers to access Reddit data. These changes were met with widespread criticism from the Reddit community, and more than 7,000 subreddits went private in protest.

The main concern of the developers was that the new policies would make it too expensive for them to continue providing their services. They also argued that the changes would harm the Reddit community by making it more difficult for people to use third-party apps and tools.

In response to the protests, Reddit eventually reversed some of the changes, but the incident highlighted the importance of third-party developers to the Reddit community. Third-party apps and tools provide a variety of features that make Reddit more accessible and enjoyable for users, and the changes to the developer policies would have had a significant impact on the platform.

The protest also showed the power of the Reddit community to come together and make a difference. By going private, the moderators of these subreddits were able to send a strong message to Reddit that they were not happy with the changes to the developer policies. And in the end, Reddit listened to the community and made some changes to the policies.

This incident is a reminder that the Reddit community is a powerful force, and that developers and users alike have a vested interest in keeping the platform open and accessible.

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