How much revenue does Dailymotion generate?

Dailymotion generated $19.6 million in revenue in 2022. This is a slight decrease from the $20.1 million they generated in 2021. However, their revenue run rate is $19.6 million, which means that they are on track to generate this amount of revenue in 2023.

Dailymotion’s revenue comes from a variety of sources, including advertising, subscriptions, and e-commerce. Their advertising revenue is generated through in-stream ads, display ads, and native ads. Their subscription revenue comes from users who pay to watch premium content. And their e-commerce revenue comes from users who purchase merchandise from their website.

Dailymotion’s revenue is still relatively small compared to other video-sharing platforms, such as YouTube. However, they are growing their revenue steadily and are well-positioned to continue to grow in the future.

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