How do I track my earnings as an Amazon Associate?

There are a few ways to track your earnings as an Amazon Associate.

  • Through the Amazon Associates website: You can log into your Amazon Associates account and view your earnings reports. These reports show you how many clicks, orders, and sales you’ve generated, as well as your earnings from each program. You can also view your earnings by country, date range, and tracking ID.
  • Through a third-party tracking service: There are a number of third-party tracking services that you can use to track your Amazon Associates earnings. These services typically offer more detailed reporting than Amazon’s own reporting tools.
  • Through your website’s analytics software: If you use analytics software to track traffic to your website, you can also use it to track clicks on your Amazon Associate links. This can help you to see which links are performing the best and which products are generating the most sales.

Here are the steps on how to track your earnings as an Amazon Associate through the Amazon Associates website:

  1. Log into your Amazon Associates account.
  2. Click on the Reports tab.
  3. Select the Earnings Reports report.
  4. Select the date range for which you want to view your earnings.
  5. Click on the View Report button.

The report will show you your earnings for the selected date range. You can also view your earnings by country, tracking ID, and product.

Here are some tips for tracking your Amazon Associates earnings:

  • Check your reports regularly: It’s important to check your reports regularly so that you can track your progress and make adjustments to your marketing strategy as needed.
  • Compare your results to previous periods: This will help you to see how your earnings are trending over time.
  • Set goals: Set goals for yourself and track your progress towards those goals. This will help you to stay motivated and on track.

By tracking your earnings, you can gain valuable insights into your Amazon Associates business. This information can help you to improve your marketing strategy and increase your earnings.

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