How do I track my earnings as an Amazon Associate?

There are a few ways to track your earnings as an Amazon Associate.

  • Online daily reports: Amazon provides online daily reports that show your traffic, revenue, earnings, conversion rates, and link types. These reports can help you understand what motivates your customers to buy and what types of products they like.
  • Payment history: Your payment history is located in Your Account and shows referral commissions earned, any adjustments to your account, and payments disbursed.
  • Earnings reports: You can also use Earnings Reports to see the details of items you’ve referred over any time period you select. These reports include information such as the date of the sale, the product sold, the amount of the sale, and the commission earned.

To access your earnings reports, log in to your Amazon Associates account and click on the “Reports” tab. Then, select the type of report you want to view.

Here are some tips for tracking your earnings as an Amazon Associate:

  • Set up regular reminders to check your reports: This will help you stay on top of your earnings and make sure you’re meeting your goals.
  • Compare your earnings reports over time: This will help you track your progress and see how your earnings are trending.
  • Use the data in your reports to improve your marketing efforts: By understanding what’s working and what’s not, you can make changes to your marketing campaigns to increase your earnings.

Tracking your earnings as an Amazon Associate is important for several reasons. First, it helps you stay on top of your income and make sure you’re meeting your goals. Second, it can help you identify areas where you can improve your marketing efforts. Finally, it can provide you with valuable insights into what your customers are interested in buying.

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