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The Follows tab in Threads is a new feature that was added in the July 18, 2023 update. It’s located on the activity feed and shows a list of users who have recently followed you on Threads. This makes it easier to see who’s new to your community and to follow them back if you’re interested.

The Follows tab is not a followers-only feed, so you won’t see posts from people you follow in this tab. However, you can still see who’s recently followed you by going to the activity feed and tapping on the “All” tab.

The Follows tab is just one of the new features that was added in the July 18 update. Other new features include:

  • Translations: You can now translate posts in Threads to other languages.
  • Subscribe to unfollowed users: You can now subscribe to users who have unfollowed you. This will allow you to see their posts in your activity feed, even if they’re not following you back.
  • Follow from replies page: You can now follow users from the replies page. This makes it easier to follow people who have commented on your posts.
  • Improvements to loading and scrolling the activity feed: The activity feed has been improved to load more quickly and to scroll more smoothly.

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