File sharing

This file sharing feature sounds like it would be very useful for sending large files to others. For example, I could use it to send a video project to my client, or to share a large dataset with my research team.

I’m glad to hear that the file size limit is 2GB. This is a large enough size to accommodate most files that I would need to share. However, it would be even better if the file size limit was even higher. This would allow me to share even larger files, such as 4K videos or high-resolution images.

Overall, I think this file sharing feature is a great addition. It’s easy to use and it has a generous file size limit. I would definitely recommend using it to share large files with others.

Here are some other features that I would like to see in this file sharing feature:

  • The ability to password protect files.
  • The ability to set an expiration date for files.
  • The ability to track the number of times a file has been downloaded.

These features would make the file sharing feature even more secure and useful.

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