Dailymotion’s APIs Will Soon Return Only HTTPS URLs

Dailymotion is making this change to improve security and to comply with industry standards. HTTPS is a more secure protocol than HTTP, and it is becoming increasingly important for websites and APIs to use HTTPS. By phasing out support for HTTP URLs, Dailymotion is making it easier for developers to build secure applications that use its APIs.

The change will take effect on March 25, 2019. After that date, all new API requests must use HTTPS URLs. Developers who need to continue using HTTP URLs can use the ssl_assets=false parameter for the next 6 months. After that period, the ssl_assets parameter will be deprecated and developers will no longer be able to get HTTP URLs from Dailymotion’s APIs.

For more information, please see the Dailymotion for Developers blog post: https://developers.dailymotion.com/news/other/api-only-https-urls/.

Here are some of the benefits of using HTTPS:

  • HTTPS uses encryption to protect data in transit, making it more difficult for attackers to intercept and steal data.
  • HTTPS is more secure than HTTP, as it uses a more robust encryption protocol.
  • HTTPS is becoming increasingly important for websites and APIs, as more and more browsers and devices are starting to require HTTPS.

If you are a developer who uses Dailymotion’s APIs, you should plan to update your applications to use HTTPS URLs. This is a simple change that will improve the security of your applications and make them more compliant with industry standards.

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