Dailymotion expands its reach in India

Dailymotion has announced a partnership with Reliance Jio, India’s largest telecom operator, to bring its platform to more users in the country. The partnership will give Jio’s subscribers access to Dailymotion’s library of content, which includes over 300 million videos from around the world.

This is a significant move for Dailymotion, as it aims to expand its reach in India, one of the world’s fastest-growing internet markets. The partnership with Jio will give Dailymotion access to Jio’s large subscriber base, which is over 400 million.

Dailymotion is a popular video-sharing platform, but it has faced some challenges in India in the past. In 2014, the Indian government banned Dailymotion for hosting videos that were deemed to be “anti-national”. However, the ban was lifted in 2017.

The partnership with Jio is a sign that Dailymotion is committed to growing its business in India. The company is also reportedly in talks with other Indian telecom operators, which could further expand its reach in the country.

This is a good move for both Dailymotion and Jio. Dailymotion will get access to a large and growing audience, while Jio will be able to offer its subscribers more content. It will be interesting to see how this partnership plays out in the long run.

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