A new subreddit for protesting Reddit’s API pricing has been created

The new subreddit r/ModCoord has been created as a place for moderators to discuss the recent changes to Reddit’s API pricing and to share ideas for how to protest. The subreddit has already grown to over 10,000 members, and it is sure to be a hotbed of activity in the coming days.

The changes to Reddit’s API pricing have been met with widespread criticism from moderators, who argue that the new pricing structure will make it more difficult for them to moderate their communities. The new pricing structure also makes it more difficult for third-party developers to create tools that help moderators, which could have a negative impact on the overall Reddit experience.

The moderators of r/ModCoord are calling on Reddit to reverse the changes to the API pricing. They are also asking moderators to take action to protest the changes, such as making their subreddits private or refusing to use third-party tools.

It remains to be seen how Reddit will respond to the protests from moderators. However, the creation of r/ModCoord is a sign that moderators are not going to take the changes to the API pricing lying down.

Here are some of the things that moderators are discussing on r/ModCoord:

  • The impact of the new pricing structure on their ability to moderate their communities.
  • Ways to protest the changes to the API pricing.
  • The future of third-party tools that help moderators.

If you are a moderator or a user who cares about the future of Reddit, Check out r/ModCoord and join the conversation.

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